linear actuator electric 6000n customized stroke 24v apply for sofa YLSP14

Short Description:

6000N max. push force, mainly used in smart home, medical care, like motorized sofa and massage chiar;


We have several business divisions: brush motor, brushless motor, linear actuator, mold, plastic components and metal stamping, forms”one-stop” supply chain, which greatly strengthen our quality control and shorten the delivery time.


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    Item Number YLSP14
    Motor Type Brushed DC Motor
    Type of Load Push/pull
    Voltage 12V/24VDC
    Stroke Customized
    Load Capacity 6000N max.
    Mounting Dimension ≥135mm
    Limit Switch Built-in
    Optional Hall sensor
    Duty Cycle 10% (2min.continuous working and 18
    Certificate CE, UL, RoHS
    Application motorized sofa, massage chair



    Min. mounting dimension A (retracted length)≥135mm

    Max. mounting dimension B (extended length)≥135mm+stroke


    Mounting hole: φ8mm, φ10mm


    Material for Gear: Dupont 100P

    Slider for strokes: Dupont 100P

    Aluminum alloy profile


    Excellent working stability;

    Equipped with a high wear resistance gear;

    A corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy profile with anodic treatment;


    There are several speed possibilities, ranging from 5 to 60 mm/s (this is the speed while there is no load; as the load grows, the real operating speed will gradually decrease);

    A variety of stroke lengths, ranging from 25 to 800mm;


    Two limit switches are built-in, and when the stroke lever touches one of them, the linear actuator will immediately stop;

    Automatic locking upon stopping with no power supply needed;


    Low noise and power consumption;




    12V/24V DC working voltage, we advise you to select the linear actuator with a 24V operating voltage unless you only have a 12V power source available;

    When a linear actuator is linked to a DC power source, the stroke rod extends; when the power is switched back to the forward position, the stroke rod retracts;

    Switching the polarity of the DC power source will alter the stroke slider's direction of travel.

    Product Application

    Our products are widely applied in:

    Smart home (motorized sofa, recliner, bed, TV lift, window opener, kitchen cabinet, kitchen ventilator);

    Medical care (medical bed, dental chair, image equipment, patient lift, mobility scooter, massage chair);

    Smart office (height adjustable table, screen or white board lift, projector lift);

    Industrial Automation (photovoltaic application, motorized car seat)




    Derock has been identified as National High-tech Enterprise, passed ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 quality management system certification, products achieved international certificates like UL, CE, and got numerous national invention patents.

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