Derock Linear Actuator for photovoltaic application

In recent years, with the continuous development of photovoltaic and photothermal power generation technology, solar tracking system has been more and more applied in power station construction. As the key auxiliary equipment of the tracking system, the linear actuator plays an important role.

In the tower solar thermal power station, linear actuators begin to play an important role in the ”sun tracking” process. Choosing the right linear actuator can effectively improve the utilization rate of heat energy, increase the efficiency of power generation, and effectively control the cost of infrastructure construction.

As a leading enterprise in the linear drive industry, Derock has over the years enabled customers to upgrade photovoltaic/photothermal power generation equipment with customized intelligent linear actuator solutions, improve energy utilization, and promote the industry to play a positive role in ecological development and energy transformation.

Currently, Derock has successfully developed a solar linear actuator that can be used in photovoltaic/photothermal power generation equipment with trackers to improve energy utilization rate, increase power generation efficiency and control infrastructure costs. Durable, long life, high protection level, can work in harsh environment for a long time, and maintenance-free.

In order to cope with the uncontrollable harsh outdoor environment, the solar linear actuator applied in the photovoltaic application has been tested comprehensively and strictly. Through the test of water resistance, salt spray, etc., it can be used in the low temperature of -40℃, and the maximum operating temperature can be up to 60℃, which can better work in the complex environment.

Derock accept customized products by customers. Linear actuator  designed according to the product structure required by optical and thermal applications is more adaptable and easy to install. The linear actuator adopts solid oil inside, high temperature resistance, and through the sealing ring, dust ring and other sealing measures, so there will not be oil leakage and other phenomena; There is almost no maintenance during the life of the service, and after-sales repair cost is quite low.

Post time: Jan-28-2023